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As one of the top providers of minimally invasive spine surgery New Jersey has to offer, Dr. Joshua Rovner works diligently to provide patients with quickest recovery times possible.

How minimally invasive spine surgery works

Conventionally, spine surgery is performed by making a large incision through the skin and muscle, which allows the surgeon to gain access to the underlying bone, along with a direct and unobstructed view of the spine and surrounding structures. Minimally-invasive surgery, on the other hand, involves several small incisions through the skin only. Through that opening, the muscle is gently and temporarily moved and the procedure performed with the assistance of advanced medical imaging and tiny surgical instruments.

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The Benefits

Many of Dr. Rovner’s clients inquire about their candidacy for minimally invasive spine surgery because the approach is associated with so many appealing benefits. For example, patients who are ideal candidates can expect:

  • Smaller incisions and minimized scarring
  • Reduced risk of damage to surrounding tissues and muscles
  • Less risk of infection, postoperative pain, and blood loss
  • A faster recovery period and shorter hospital stay
  • Less rehabilitation required

In addition, some minimally invasive spine surgeries can be performed using local anesthesia. In these cases, the general risks associated with anesthesia are eliminated as well.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeries

Not all spine surgeries have a minimally invasive approach. However, many spine conditions that once required open surgery can now be treated with a less invasive technique. Some of the more common procedures Dr. Rovner performs include:

Lumbar Discectomy

A lumbar discectomy involves removing material from a herniated disc to alleviate pressure on the spinal nerve that’s causing numbness, pain and a loss of strength. To begin this procedure, Dr. Rovner will make a small incision through your skin in the area of the affected disc. Through that opening, he will gently move the muscles aside so he can access the underlying bone. He will then remove the disc material that’s pressing on the nerve to fix the issue and alleviate your symptoms.

Lumbar Fusion

A lumbar fusion surgery involves using a bone graft to combine two vertebrae in the lower back. When performed with minimally invasive techniques, it’s typically done with a lateral approach to prevent unintended injury to the back muscle and protect the nerves in the spinal canal. However, this method can increase the difficulty of the procedure by limiting the surgeon’s ability to view the entire spine. As such, it’s important to choose an experienced NJ spine surgeon for this procedure, to ensure a safe experience and an optimal outcome.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is used to treat spinal stenosis, which is the abnormal narrowing of the vertebral column. Once this condition sets in, it often compresses the surrounding nerves, which can produce uncomfortable symptoms, including pain, muscle weakness and numbness. If surgery is required, New Jersey spine surgeon Dr. Rovner can use small endoscopic instruments to remove the problematic bone and soft tissue with minimal incisions.

How A Minimally Invasive Spinal Fusion Is Done- Dr. Rovner

How A Minimally Invasive Spinal Fusion Is Done- Dr. Rovner

Potential Complications

Dr. Joshua Rovner is one of the top providers of minimally invasive spine surgery NJ and the surrounding areas have to offer. As such, he is acutely aware of the fact that, minimally invasive spine surgery is safe only when it’s performed by an experienced specialist. There are still risks associated with any surgical procedure, and they are drastically lowered when a qualified physician is performing them.

Some of the more serious potential complications include:

  • Injury to the nerves or spinal cord
  • Damage to the surrounding tissues
  • An insufficient outcome, resulting in an additional surgery

Though these risks are possible, fortunately they are quite rare in Dr. Rovner’s New Jersey office. His experience with these procedures ensures that the vast majority of his patients emerge from surgery without any complications – just immense pain relief.

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Are You A Candidate For Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery?

A doctor will be able to confirm whether or not you’re an ideal candidate for minimally invasive spine surgery. These procedures won’t be appropriate for every patient, and in some cases the traditional, open approach will be safer and more effective.

However, if you’ve exhausted all conservative measures and your pain isn’t improving, we recommend looking into minimally invasive spine surgery so you have a well-rounded view of your options. During your initial consultation at his NJ office, Dr. Rovner will discuss the risks and benefits of this approach with you, and help you determine if it’s in your best interest.

Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics

Schedule Your Consultation Today

If your chronic back pain is worsening and you’re considering minimally invasive spine surgery, we invite you to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Rovner today. As one of the top providers of minimally invasive spine surgery NJ has to offer, he will evaluate your condition, talk to you about your options, and help you determine if minimally invasive spine surgery can deliver the permanent pain relief you need.

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If you are suffering from back or neck pain, it is crucial for you to receive a professional diagnosis as soon as possible. Dr. Rovner is one of the best spine surgeons in NJ who has the experience and expertise necessary to help patients actualize successful outcomes with orthopedic spine surgery.

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