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What is Myelopathy?

Myelopathy is not one single disease or ailment but a general term for many spinal cord issues. Due to its nature as a broad term, Myelopathy can occur because of accidents or trauma and because of disease, inflammation and other health issues. Over time myelopathy may slowly increase in severity.

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How Is Myelopathy Different From Other Spinal Ailments?

Unlike most spine issues Myelopathy affects the spinal cord, not individual nerves. Because of this, myelopathy can be difficult to diagnose. Since myelopathy affects the function of the spinal cord it requires early medical attention.

The Causes of Myelopathy

The causes of Myelopathy can include but are not limited to:

  • Trauma
  • Herniated Discs
  • Degenerative Disc Disorders
  • Osteoporosis
  • Tumors
  • Spinal stenosis

Symptoms of Myelopathy

The most common symptoms associated with myelopathy are related to changes in coordination rather than pain or discomfort. A patient suffering from myelopathy may have difficulty tying their shoes and walking down a flight of stairs. Issues with balance, walking, and muscle weakness are also indicators of myelopathy. Most often these symptoms will begin mildly and get worse with time if not treated.

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Diagnosis of Myelopathy

One of the unfortunate parts of myelopathy is that since the symptoms begin mildly they will often be ignored. Patients suffering from myelopathy will often ignore the first sign of the diseases as normal signs of aging. Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics are experts in the diagnosing of myelopathy.

Dr. Joshua Rovner will use a physical exam, your medical history, and other tests to diagnose you. Because of the many causes of myelopathy, the tests you undergo will be based on the results of your initial physical exam.

Treatment of Myelopathy

There is no getting around the fact that all myelopathy and spinal cord issues are complex. As time goes on and the myelopathy causes pressure on the spinal cord symptoms can include weakness, pain, and lack of bowel/bladder control. As the condition worsens, surgery may be needed to repair the damage and alleviate the pressure. Your specific treatment plan will be based on your specific symptoms. Your treatment plan will include the most state of the art care that Progressive Spine and Orthopaedics can offer.

Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics

Your New Jersey Spine Surgeon for Myelopathy Treatment

As an award-winning New Jersey spine surgeon, Dr. Joshua Rovner delivers comprehensive treatment for Myelopathy, with both surgical and non-surgical options. Board certified to practice in New York and New Jersey, Dr. Joshua Rovner is among few spine surgeons in NJ with depth of experience and expertise for treatment of spinal conditions along with advanced and minimally-invasive spinal surgery. Schedule a consultation today and contact us.

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If you are suffering from back or neck pain, it is crucial for you to receive a professional diagnosis as soon as possible. Dr. Rovner is one of the best spine surgeons in NJ who has the experience and expertise necessary to help patients actualize successful outcomes with orthopedic spine surgery.

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