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What is Chronic Ankle Instability?

When you sprain your ankle, the connective tissues (or ligaments) are stretched or torn, so the ability to balance is compromised. Proper rehabilitation is necessary to strengthen the muscles around the ankle while retraining the tissues that affect balance. Failure to do so could cause repeated ankle sprains or chronic ankle instability.

Chronic ankle instability is a condition that can develop after repeated ankle sprains or after a sprain that was not adequately healed or rehabilitated. The outer or lateral side of the ankle recurrently gives way, such as while walking, but it can also occur when standing still.

People with chronic ankle instability often experience the following symptoms:

  • A repeated turning of the ankle, especially on uneven surfaces or during sports
  • Persistent discomfort and swelling
  • Pain or tenderness
  • The ankle feels unstable
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How is Chronic Ankle Instability Treated?

Nonsurgical treatment for chronic ankle instability may include physical therapy, which involves various treatments and exercises to:

  • Strengthen the ankle
  • Improve balance and range of motion
  • Retrain your muscles

Dr. Steven Bernstein can also treat chronic ankle instability with an ankle brace to improve support while preventing the ankle from turning. Additionally, bracing can reduce additional ankle sprains.

In some cases, Dr. Bernstein will recommend surgery based on the degree of ankle instability or minimal results with nonsurgical treatment. Surgery for chronic ankle instability usually involves repairing or reconstructing the damaged ligament(s).

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Why Choose Dr. Bernstein for Chronic Ankle Instability Treatment?

When suffering from chronic ankle instability, it’s vital to choose an experienced surgeon you can trust to get you back on your feet and relieve your pain for good.

The American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery has board-certified Dr. Steven Bernstein. He specializes in reconstructive foot and ankle surgeries. His background includes extensive training and experience in foot and ankle trauma and deformities, including reconstruction of the forefoot, rearfoot, and ankle deformities. Dr. Bernstein’s multiple certifications, expertise, and commitment to his patients make him the best choice for chronic ankle instability treatment.

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