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Diagnosing lumbar disc herniation requires a thorough examination with a qualified spine surgeon. When you arrive at our New Jersey office, Dr. Rovner will begin by collecting a detailed history of your symptoms and performing a number of tests, including:

Physical exam

During this portion of the appointment, Dr. Rovner will look for weakness or sensory loss that may be associated with your condition. He’ll assess your reflexes and how well you walk on your heels and toes, along with the strength of your thighs, ankles and toes.

SLR Test

The straight leg raise (SLR) test is often used to diagnose lumbar disc herniation. During this test, Dr. Rovner will have you lie on your back on the exam table while he lifts your leg. If you feel pain during the exam, it’s likely that you’re suffering from a herniated disc.

Imaging tests

To confirm a suspected diagnosis of lumbar disc herniation, Dr. Rovner may order a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, a CT scan or x-rays. These tests will allow him to clearly visualize any problems with your spine and the surrounding soft tissues.

Herniated disc surgery

In many cases, herniated discs respond well to conservative measures, such as rest, anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy and steroid injections. However, it is possible for the condition to persist after trying non-invasive treatments. In some cases, the condition may worsen to the point where the patient is experiencing numbness, weakness, difficulty standing and walking, and a loss of bladder or bowel control. When this occurs, NJ spine surgeon Dr. Rovner will perform a minimally invasive lumbar discectomy to provide a long-term and often permanent resolution.

During herniated disc surgery, Dr. Rovner will begin by creating a small incision in the lower back. Through that opening, he will move the muscle away from the bone, allowing access to the vertebrae surrounding the affected disc. He will then remove a small portion of the vertebral bone to reach the disc itself. From there, he will remove all or a portion of the herniated disc that’s irritating the spinal nerve and causing your symptoms. If he needs to remove the entire disc, he will fuse the vertebrae together with metal hardware to stabilize your spine and complete the procedure. As Dr. Rovner is providing some of the bestherniated disc surgery NJ has to offer its patients. If you are suffering from this condition, look no further than Dr. Rovner for your spinal orthopaedic care.

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