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When is laser spine surgery an option?

Not all conditions are treatable with laser spine surgery. Additionally, the traditional open approach will be safer and more effective in some cases even if a laser treatment is available. As such, it’s important to thoroughly research any back surgery – laser or otherwise – and speak to multiple specialists to ensure that you’re making the right decision for your condition.

If you have a degenerative disorder, Dr. Rovner will not recommend laser spine surgery. In those cases, he believes that the traditional, open approach is best. However, laser surgery can be helpful for:

  • Removing spinal cord tumors
  • Cutting away excess bone and tissue
  • Treating a herniated or ruptured disc in some cases
  • Reducing the size of a spinal disc to alleviate pain and pressure

In general, Dr. Rovner recommends laser spine surgery for minor conditions. If he believes that the procedure in your best interest, then in a personal consultation, Dr. Rovner will include the option of laser surgery in treatment planning. As a top provider of laser spine surgeon New Jersey has to offer, Dr. Rovner can quickly conclude if the procedure is right for you. However, for major spine conditions, he typically prefers open back surgery, as he believes it’s the safer and more effective option for most patients.

Risks and complications

Although laser spine surgery is less invasive than the open approach, it’s important to note that it’s not without risk. There are a number of potential complications associated with these procedures, including:

Nerve damage

If your NJ laser spine surgeon is inexperienced or improperly trained to perform the procedure, tissue or nerve damage may occur. Unfortunately, this can cause new symptoms and increased pain.

Ineffective operation

In some cases, laser spine surgery may prove ineffective for your condition. When this occurs, you will require an additional procedure – often a more invasive one – to adequately resolve the issue. It’s also possible for laser spine surgery to temporarily treat your symptoms but not address the root cause of the problem, which means your pain will likely recur and you may require a new treatment approach.

Unqualified surgeon

There are many doctors who offer and practice laser spine surgery but are not trained spinal surgeons. If an unqualified doctor performs your procedure, you are at a significantly increased risk of nerve damage and other complications. Whether you have laser, minimally-invasive or open spine surgery, it’s important to select a trusted and experienced specialist for your procedure to ensure the safest experience.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

During your initial consultation at Dr. Rovner’s New Jersey office, he will focus on determining which treatment is in your best interest. He will begin by assessing your condition, performing a full physical examination and ordering imaging tests to visualize your spine and the surrounding structures. Based on the results of this exam, he will offer guidance regarding which approach (laser, minimally-invasive or traditional) can best resolve your issue. If he determines that you will benefit from laser spine surgery, a discussion about the procedure can be had regarding it. As Dr. Rovner is one of the top providers of laser spine surgery NJ has to offer, rest assured that any laser procedures will be conducted with the utmost skill and precision.

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