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Disc Replacement Surgery NJ

Benefits of Disc Replacement Surgery

Damaged discs in the spine can irritate the roots of spinal nerves. These nerves, which are located in the spinal cord near the disc, are what trigger pain signals (which can stem down limbs of the body.) By removing problematic discs, pressure on the nerve is minimized, helping to relieve the paint associated with the damaged disc.

In many cases, the primary purpose of artificial disc replacement surgery is to relieve patients of pain in the arms, shoulders, and neck. Further, some instances that demand disc replacement surround the lumbar spine as well. For most patients, the need for this surgical procedure is to provide pain relief as a result of disc herniation or degenerative disc conditions.

Cervical disc replacement surgery, in particular, can be extremely beneficial compared to other forms of surgery. A common reason why many patients choose cervical disc replacement surgery over anterior lumbar discectomy and fusion is that they experience greater range of motion in the neck. As a result, healing time can be minimized and residual effects on other parts of the spine will be reduced.

If you're a prospective patient for disc replacement surgery in New Jersey, Dr. Rovner, will work with you individually to explore all available options for your treatment program. Artificial disc replacement surgery is usually only recommended as a last resort treatment when other options have not worked. This being said, Dr. Rovner provides his patients with some of the absolute best disc replacement surgery NJ has to offer. So, rest assured that, if this procedure is required, you are in good hands.

Cervical Disc Replacement Surgery at a Glance

In the procedure of cervical disc replacement surgery, Dr. Rovner will first make a small incision in the front of the neck. The experienced spine surgeon will gently and safely move aside any tissues to access the damaged disc. After fully removing the damaged disc, the surgeon will then insert and secure the artificial disc before closing.

By continuously staying abreast the latest innovations in orthopedics, Dr. Rovner uses the most up-to-date technology and surgical procedures, particularly in cases of artificial disc replacement surgery. As a result, most of our patients go home within one day after surgery (if not the same day.) With some limitations for recovery, most patients can return to their normal day lifestyles in just a few days after surgery.

After cervical disc replacement surgery, patients usually feel immediate relief from their neck and arm pain. In cases of cervical disc replacement, patients can often feel relief in pain that radiates down the hips and legs.

Recovering from Disc Replacement Surgery

After lumbar or cervical disc replacement surgery, Dr. Rovner provides patients with detailed instructions to best take care of their body while recovering. As Dr. Rovner provides some of the best disc replacement surgery NJ has to offer, he also offers some of the best post-operative care available to patients. He makes himself available to answer any questions, as well as schedule patients for post-surgery appointments for continual check-ins about their recovery. Dr. Rovner is always available throughout the entire process of his patients recovery.

Specializing in Disc Replacement Surgery in NJ

As a highly-recognized and award-winning spine surgeon in New Jersey, Dr. Rovner is specialist in both cervical and lumbar disc replacement surgery. Board certified to practice orthopedic surgery in both New York and New Jersey, Dr. Rovner is among few spinal surgeons in NJ with depth of experience and expertise for advanced and minimally-invasive spinal surgery.

Dr. Rovner is a spine surgeon in New Jersey who provides both non-surgical and surgical treatment of pain related to the neck and entire back. He prides himself on his patient-centered, personalized approach that helps correctly diagnose and treat problems related to deformity, trauma, and degenerative conditions. With experience in disc replacement surgery in New Jersey, he focuses on conservative non-surgical methods but, when surgery is necessary, utilizes the most modern techniques. Schedule a consultation today and contact us, or you can call us at 201.515.5190 to schedule your appointment.

For more information about artificial disc replacement surgery in NJ and other treatment options for treatment, or to schedule a consultation with surgeon Dr. Rovner, contact us or call 201.515.5190.

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Disc Replacement Surgery NJ

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