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robotic spine surgery

The Mazor Renaissance Robot is used to perform robotic spine surgery operations.

As one of the leading orthopedic surgeons for robotic spine surgery in New Jersey, Dr. Joshua S. Rovner M.D. is on the cutting-edge of making spinal surgery both safer and less invasive. With a focus in specializing in minimally-invasive techniques, Dr. Rovner is board-certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons to practice in states for New York and New Jersey.

If you are thinking about spine surgery, it is worth considering robotic spinal surgery. Robotic spinal surgery is not only safer, but also more precise, resulting in smaller incisions and quicker recovery. Visit our contact page to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rovner, a leading robotic spine surgeon in NJ. Or learn more about the process and technology Dr. Rovner uses for robotic spinal surgery procedures.

Robotic Spine Surgery: Greater Precision & Safety

Among the significant developments and innovations in the field of medicine, few advancements have been greater than robotic spine surgery. As the flagship technology to this advancement, the Mazor Renaissance Robot is recognized in the medical field for its highly level of precision and safety in the practice of neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery.

In standard surgical operation of the spine, the spinal surgeon is responsible for determining the ideal placement for screws (based on x-ray imaging taken prior to the surgical procedure.) However, during the actual spine surgery procedure, the surgeon must rely on his or her best judgment, feel, and experience in order to properly place the screws.

Unfortunately, x-rays provide a limited picture, and there is often some degree of risk in misplacing the screws, especially with lesser experienced spine surgeons. The slightest misplacement can result in serious consequences, such as persisting pain, restricted mobility, and even paralysis.

With all forms of spine surgery there are risks. However, robotic spine surgery is dramatically much safer and more precise than standard spinal surgery operations. Utilizing robotic spinal surgery can significantly enhance screw placement precision to an accuracy of 1mm. Not only does this minimizes the risk for misplacement, but it also reduces pain and recovery time for patients. Further, accurate screw placement using robotic spine surgery also minimizes risks for postoperative issues long after the surgery procedure has taken place.

Pros & Cons of Robotic Spinal Surgery

robotic spine surgerySpinal surgery is not only intricate and challenging compared to other forms of surgery, but it is also a surgical procedure that carries the most risk. While x-rays can be helpful at reducing the potential for screw misplacement, unforeseen factors like a patient’s anatomy and bone quality can increase risks for human error. In short, the most minor of mistakes can be dramatically magnified when the spinal cord is involved. As a result, a procedure (like robotic spine surgery) that increases precision and minimizes risk is hugely valuable.

While robotic spinal surgery techniques are still relatively new developments, they have been shown to result in safer and less invasive spinal surgeries. Leveraging robotic guidance such as the Mazor Renaissance Robot, spine surgeons can lower screw misplacement occurrences by 10%. Furthermore, the risk for nerve damage using robotic spinal surgery drops by 2% compared to other traditional spine surgery techniques. Overall, robotic spinal surgery can improve the rate of proper screw placement by up to 98%, which makes it the safest and most dependable form of spinal surgery.

When you pursue robotic spinal surgery with New Jersey spine surgeon Dr. Rovner, you can realize the following benefits:

  • Significantly increased precision for screw placement
  • Faster recovery time
  • Reduced exposure to radiation (for repeat x-rays)
  • Less post-operative complications
  • Minimized risks for permanent nerve damage

Although the technology and procedures behind robotic spine surgery have revolutionized the world of orthopedics and neurosurgery, all forms of spinal surgery have potential risks and drawbacks. Because this type of spine surgery is still in its early phases of development, it is only offered by few spine surgeons in New Jersey. Further, not all orthopedic surgeons are qualified to use robotic guidance systems.

If you’re considering spine surgery, it is worth looking into robotic spine surgery as a viable option for your spinal condition. This is simply because robotic spine surgery procedures are so incredibly safe, precise and effective. For more information about robotic spine surgery in New Jersey, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rovner, visit our contact us page or call (201) 227-1299.

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