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Are You a Candidate for Robotic Spine Surgery?

Robotic spine surgery has become well-known as highly-accurate and precise procedure that’s used to carry out spinal surgery with the aid of a mechanical guidance system. The most trusted and approved technology is the Mazor Renaissance Robot which allows both complex and minimally-invasive spine surgery procedures to be done with improved accuracy and efficiency. robotic spine surgery

The post-surgery discomfort and physical trauma is significantly reduced and the recovery time is dramatically accelerate. In essence, robotic spine surgery has become a highly-sought surgical procedure that can be used to treat a wide variety of spinal conditions, including spine tumors and spinal deformities.

A Quick Look at the Mazor Renaissance Robot

When undergoing robotic spine surgery with New Jersey spine surgeon Dr. Rovner, the procedure will involve using the Mazor Robotics System. A computed tomography (CT) scan is taken before the surgery and is loaded into a computerized 3-dimensional planning system for planning and creating a surgical blueprint.

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Spine surgeon Dr. Joshua Rovner was featured on the cover of United Hemispheres Magazine.

With this information, the surgeon can plan the surgery even before entering the operating room. On getting to the operating room a robot guidance system (integrated with the planning system) helps guide the instruments used in carrying out the procedure.

The robot is attached on the patient’s body or is attached on the side of the bed firmly. The actual placement of spinal implants is based on the pre-procedural planning. The robot which is the size of a 12-oz beverage can with a small arm is placed next to the patient’s bed.

The robot rotates and bends its arm very smoothly on the spine in specific locations. This movement provides precise guidance which is very important in ensuring accuracy in the placement of implants. It should however be noted that the doctor does all the physical activity involved with only the robot guiding.

Is Robotic Spine Surgery Right for You?

So does your spinal condition make you a candidate for robotic spine surgery?

Some of the most common candidates for robotic spine surgery are patients suffering from debilitating back pain, limited motion and degenerative conditions like scoliosis, pinched nerves and slipped vertebra need to consider spine surgery.

If pursuing spine surgery, whether minimally invasive or complex, has been recommended as necessary approach for your treatment, then robotic spine surgery is a procedure in which you and our spine surgeon should consider to help facilitate a successful outcome. Among the spine procedures with which it can help include:

  • Adult degenerative scoliosis treatmentspinal surgery robotic
  • Spinal fusion surgery
  • Minimally invasive spine surgeries
  • Spine biopsy for a spinal infection or tumor
  • Correction of spinal fracture by kyphoplasty or vertebroplasty
  • Correction of post-surgical complications or revision spine surgery


Benefits of Robotic Spinal Surgery

With all the buzz behind robotic spinal surgery, what are the benefits patients stand to gain? The first and most is the increased accuracy of the spine surgery procedure, and subsequently reducing, the chances of a reoperation or revision spine surgery. Since the chances of anything going wrong are reduced, future complication rates are greatly reduced as well.

And given its minimally-invasive nature, the trauma experienced after robotic spinal surgery is greatly reduced, enabling patients to return to normal activities sooner. With this procedure, the need for fluoroscopy is also minimized and therefore the long-term effects from radiation are much lower.

To sum it all up, robotic spine surgery is a highly effective way of undergoing certain forms surgical intervention on the delicate spine – all achieved in a faster, more efficient, and accurate manner.

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